Thursday, May 29, 2014

Three Great Benefits of Team Building

Team building in business is one of the more common ways bosses work to get the most out of their employees. There are many different kinds of team building people can try, from scavenger hunts to paintball. However the advantages are many and they come regardless of the activity that is chosen.
Let’s take a look at three of the advantages business owners can look forward to when investing in team building.

Better productivity
Labour productivity is very good in Australia at the moment. This is very different from the lower productivity seen just a short time ago. Productivity is often one of the main aims of planning team building exercises in the first place, and the good news is it is one of the main benefits as well.
Part of the reason for this is that employees get to know each other better through team building activities. This better relationship translates into the work environment and leads to a more productive and copacetic workplace. Productivity increases as employees find and use new ways to work together they may not have thought of before.
Happier employees
It can be hard finding the right employees. Unhappy employees tend to work less effectively and efficiently. If they are unhappy in their job for any reason it can have a knock-on effect on their personal life. A constant lack of rest, worrying about their life and even depression can all affect someone in lots of other ways as well, with some people even driven to self-medicating to try and address the issue. It is possible to work with lots of other people and still feel isolated – and this doesn’t lead to happy employees. We all know our worries tend to rob us of sleep as we lay awake and think about them at night. We awake tired and drained in the morning and in no real condition to do a day’s productive work. However when you decide to introduce team building into the mix at work, it can make a real difference to employees like these who are struggling to get along. It is still essential to provide support and advice in other ways as well of course, but having an opportunity to connect with the rest of their colleagues can make a big difference to how people feel about the way they fit into the workplace. Indeed this type of setting may also make it easier to spot any potential problems within a group of employees if one person seems to be set apart from the rest or is struggling in any way. This can then be brought up with that person in privacy at a later date, to perhaps offer support if and when required.

More potential
Recruiting the right people is half the battle. However it is also good to get away from the constant business meetings that can bore employees. In this latter example it is merely a case of individuals sitting together in a room, rather than getting together and working together in an entirely different setting.
This is why getting out of the workplace and trying all manner of different team building tasks is so good at helping build and extract the potential in every employee. Some will discover skills and potential they never knew they had. Others will learn new skills. Everyone will discover how best to work with other team members, and it is these skills that can be taken back to the workplace and used there as well.
Many employees would testify to the useful nature of team building. There are many services Australian businesses can benefit from, but one of the best assets is clearly something all businesses already have – their own employees. The key is to know how you can extract the most from every single person without draining them along the way. Team building leads to more supportive, engaged and happy employees who have more individual power and are willing to use it to support the business they work for – both as individuals and as a team.
The benefits of team building also continue long after the event itself has ended. Many businesses have regular events like this because they know the advantages of doing so will be reaped for a long time to come. Once you have tried it once you will see for yourself the many benefits of continuing in the future.

Contributed by Emma Love

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stevenjared0853 said...

Yeah I completely agree that the fun team building activities for work for work are really necessary for better productivity. I also prefer organizing the fun events so that the bonding between my employees can increase. Anyway, thanks for this post!