Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Healthy Team Building

Clients often ask me 'how often should we do team building?' and I think they are expecting me to say 'once a year', but it's not that simple. If a patient asked a doctor, 'how often should I be concerned about my health?, I don't think the doctor would say that they should go on a health retreat for a couple of days and then they will be fine. Team building, like health,  should be something that is embedded into the daily routine and reinforced every day.

An interesting case study with a leading university that wanted to improve teamwork amongst their graduates incorporated a holistic approach. They changed the recruitment or entry criteria to actively select candidates that had a history of social and community responsibility. Assessment procedures were revised to encourage collaboration and a ranking system was abolished. The curriculum was redesigned to incorporate team based learning tasks. The change was noticeable within an year, and after twelve years, there has been a huge positive change in the culture of the medical students and graduating doctors.

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