Sunday, March 17, 2013

Team Building Trends

I have been involved in the corporate team building industry since1996 and during that time there have been a significant number of trends and changes.

  • Offsite retreats tend to happen less frequently. Instead of a yearly corporate retreat, it now seems more common to have a conference every two or three years.
  • The length of conferences has decreased. The most popular conference is now a two day/one night conference. In the past, it was much more common to have two, three or four day conferences.
  • The number of conference delegates is increasing. So whilst companies are having less conferences, for shorter lengths of time, there seems to have more people attending.
  • Travel has become more common. We now conduct more interstate programs than ever before. 

In conclusion: 
Conferences are now shorter, less frequent but with more people in more widespread locations.

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