Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Team Building - Where does the money go?

Team building can be perceived as an expensive undertaking so you might be wondering where does the money go? Here is a list of items that you probably get without realising.

Public Liability Insurance
We need to have a $20 million public liability insurance policy to work at some venues governed by Parks Victoria. A few years ago we only had a $10 million policy so we had to spend $400 to upgrade the policy for one day to run an event.

Customised Equipment 
If you have participated on an ACE program you have probably seen some of the specialised equipment that we use. Many of the items have been custom made for us as they are not in mass production. Items such as the Briefcase Operated Satellite System are unique items and can be worth thousands of dollars.

Vehicle and Trailer expenses
We work at around 60 - 80 venues a year so we do a lot of travelling and we need to ensure that our vehicles and trailers are well maintained. In fifteen years we have never broken down or been late for a session.

You could employ a professional photographer to capture the priceless moments that occur during your event but it would unnecessary. We take quality photos on a digital SLR camera and then provide you with a photobook and the digital files after the event.

Audio visual equipment
We have every sort of audio visual system imaginable so that we can be seen and heard in every type of venue. Sometimes we use a portable PA system for outdoor sessions or we might need two large systems linked together for an indoor event for several hundred people.

Music and sound editing
Most sessions incorporate music or edited sound files to compliment the event. Many of the sound files have been meticulously edited for a specific purpose.

Customised trophies
Many events have custom made trophies as mementos for the winning team. The trophies are specific to each activity and client.

Equipment Storage
Have you ever wondered where does all the stuff get kept. We have an enormous amount of activity equipment for large group sizes that could fill a small warehouse.

Venue site visits prior to sessions
Whilst we work at many venues we also try and visit each new venue prior to running a session. It is important that we are clear about vehicle access, room size, audio visual requirements, break out rooms and outdoor spaces.

We provide consumables such as sunscreen, insect repellent, spare hats, snacks and water for a number of our events.

A number of our sessions involve costumes, props and accessories. You might be pleased to know that all the costumes are washed after each use which can be very time consuming, especially for large groups.

If the weather is cold and wet and you have booked an outdoor team session you will be loaned a waterproof rain jacket. These coats are very good quality and are not cheap. We have around $5000 worth of raincoats on standby just in case there is rain.

New activities - research and development
How do we keep coming up with new ideas for activities? It's not easy and we need to make a conscious effort to travel and experience a variety of similar and completely different activities.

Liaising with venues
Most events require us to confirm meal times, book outdoor areas, and prepare floor plans with the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly. For evening events we normally prepare a floor plan showing the table placements and AV equipment locations to assist with the room preparation and set up.

Liaising with suppliers
Some events require us to book rooms, outdoor spaces, tickets or session times with venues including Parks Victoria, Kingpin, Eureka Tower, Point Nepean National park etc

Ever wondered how we design car rallies or amazing races. We invest a considerable amount of time scoping areas such as Daylesford, Torquay and Woodend for new activities.

Every ACE staff member is university trained and well compensated for their skills and time. We don't take shortcuts with staff as they are such an important component of every event.

By Daniel Cohen

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