Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why would anybody want a team building franchise?

1. You find out stuff about the world.
One of my favourite things about my work is finding out things about companies that I never knew existed. It helps to make sense of the world when you realise that there are hundreds of companies doing things to make our life work. We once worked with the world's leading provider of windscreen wipers. That's all they did and they were the best in the world at it. Or finding out that a company that provides tolling services for freeways was involved in identifying a killer's car as he fled the crime scene. Once you work with a company you tend to see their logos everywhere.

2. You meet amazing and interesting people.
During conferences there is a great opportunity to mix with people that you might never normally meet. It's even better when you sit next to someone during dinner and you find out about their work and background. I have met media celebrities, journalists, sports stars, army veterans and surgeons. You begin to appreciate how everything on the news or stock market effects people in some way.

3. Travelling to places you would not choose to visit.
During my career I have worked in some quite obscure countries including New Zealand and Bangladesh. I have worked at remote oil refineries, onsite at large companies and in small country towns. But I think the most unusual place I have ever run a training session was in the Death Room at a Veterinary clinic. I still love going to nice hotels and eating amazing food.

4. Work and Family balance
I mostly have two programs a week. The rest of my time is spent with meetings, pre-program preparation or follow up. I also help out with reading and my children's school. I can schedule my time so that I can volunteer for school excursions. I am able to go to school assemblies and watch the sports days and music concerts. I also try and fit in the occasional kite surfing session midweek.

5. Holidays
During the last five years I have hiked to Everest base camp with my two brothers and travelled to  South America with my family. I have been lucky enough to go to Europe, North America, Indonesia and Thailand. Next month I am going to Fiji on a kitesurfing adventure. I love my work but I also love all the things that can be done outside of work.

6. Reward for Effort
I feel that the work that I do is well compensated for the effort and skills required. I have been involved in the industry for almost twenty years and I am now ready to assist like minded people with the resources they need so they can run their own successful team building business.

By Daniel Cohen

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